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Recovery of VMS BACKUP data from a damaged 3480 tape

"Advanced Downloading managed to get past bad blocks and recover all the drawings of a critical aircraft component from our one and only backup cartridge, saving us literally tens of thousands of pounds in reverse engineering costs."

Migration of OpenVMS BACKUP savesets on DLT III to Amanda (GNU TAR) on LTO Ultrium 4

"We love our VAXen... but the powers-that-be decided it was time to 'move up' (cough) to a Linux-based server. Advanced Downloading offered easily the least expensive service, yet had the best quality control and verification procedures of any of the bureaux we could find that could do the work. Thanks for enabling us to save a lot of money (as well as 20 cubic feet of storage space)."

Conversion of 34 x OpenVMS DDS3 cartridges to BluRay

“Our DDS archive was getting a bit long in the tooth, so it was time to move the data... Thank you for getting the job done so painlessly"

Extract VMS BACKUP savesets on nine-track open reel tapes to Windows-compatible DVD

“You were the only company we could find that had both stiction-reversal facilities and a true understanding of VMS file formats in house. Thanks for everything.”

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